Monday, November 21, 2011

Always have, Always will

Part of me is the prodigal
Part of me is the other brother
But I think the heart of me
Is really somewhere between them
Some days I'm running wild
Some days I'm reconciled
But I wonder all the while
Why you put up with me when. . .
I'm caught in the trappings of
My search for lasting love
I've made mistakes enough to last me a lifetime
I still sip, I still fall
But I'll always run back to You
I'm gonna keep trusting You
I see what You've seen me through
I'm goin' where You have gone
I'm letting You lead me on

These lyrics really resonated with me yesterday after church. We had a guest speaker, Grant Norsworthy. He is was a member of the band Sonic Flood. Now he travels around speaking to different groups and he still sings. He gave a great message. He hit us all where it hurt..where we needed to be hit. 
I have become so much more aware of the sin in my life. We all need to become more sensitive to evil in this world. We get so use to seeing it and even participating in it that we don't realize anymore how bad it really is. Even the little things, like what we watch on tv or what music we listen to. Even if we let a few cuss words slip out. Sure they may not be "that" bad...but when you think about the fact that we were made to praise and worship Christ all the time. We fill those small moments of our lives with those little evils that sneak in. We are supposed to continually have praises on our you? You just called someone a bitch. Do you really want to go and praise Jesus with that same mouth. You just watched a show on tv where it was filled with sexual inuendos, promiscuity, rape, murder, etc. Just because you are watching it doesn't mean is ok. Do you want to give that mind that is now full of those images, to your God?  Our bodies are a temple, it is where Christ dwells. We are squeezing him in there with all those other small evils that we participate in. Whatever we sing and watch, Jesus sings and watches. We are ambassadors of Christ. Do you represent him well? just askin.
These are just thoughts that have been bugging me. I am not perfect. I wander. Just like the lyrics above. I go back and forth. I may have these thoughts again sometime and thats just because i have failed to apply certain Truths to my life. Anyways, just something to think about. 
Also, my Pastor and his wife lost their son last night unexpectedly. He was only in his early thirties. I have gotten close to Pastor Bob since being here and so this is just really devastating for the whole staff. If you could say a prayer that'd be great. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving! Remember to love those around you.

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