Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

First off, I am not liking this weather one bit. Not ONE bit. Its been cold and rainy for the last three days!! shoot dang.

Secondly, last night I had some really good Skype conversations. Conversations that needed to happen. Makes me feel "real" and important when someone is intentional with me even if it is over Skype.

I am still new at this job and you kind of learn on the job, which I don't like sometimes because I like knowing things in advance so I don't look so stupid. Anyways, so there are still lots of new things I have yet to do/learn. I am going to be doing a lot of that up til Christmas! buh. So I have lots of nervous energy.

When talking last night on Skype the part of the conversation that stuck with me was when we were talking about best friends. As a lot of people know this is the area where I have issues and sometimes still feel immature about. I had said that sometimes I just get this overwhelming feeling of a need/desire to be somebody's best friend. I wanted someone to give me that label and position bc I can't remember the last time someone called me their best friend. Anyways, we ended up just talking about how it must make God really sad to see our pursuit of love and acceptance of people and things of this world. It reminded me of a time in High school where people "forgot" to invite me to a party they were having. I was so mad bc that wasn't the first time. So I found out where it was located and decided to drive myself over there and teach them a lesson ;) baha. So, I was on my way over when a thought/image just hit me like a smack in the face. I felt God saying "You see how this upset you. You see how you yearn for their affection and attention. THAT is exactly how I am with you right now."  It hit me hard. I stopped the car. Turned around. Drove back home.

Just some thoughts.
Also I got really excited today about Kat coming to thanksgiving with us. We are going to grandmas. Grandmas is hilarious. Most people would think its boring. Yes, we do get bored. Its in the middle of nowhere BUT my family is hilarious. All we do is laugh. It is an adventure at Grandmas house. I am excited about showing off my family to her because I think they are the best. I hope she doesn't get scared away though. ha. They are a little loud ;) Grandma does like to joke around with the grand kids boyfriends or girlfriends.

Like this last time my cousin Ana brought her boyfriend to visit. Grandma greeted him at the door and said "Sorry son, Im not drunk. That doesn't usually happen til like 11pm." bahaha. She tries to joke around. BUT sometimes grandma can seem a little unsteady bc she has Parkinsons so she jokes about it.

Hope this week is a good one.

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