Thursday, December 23, 2010


I LOVE christmas. I am very thankful for my family and how we have celebrated christmas every year. We are not a wealthy family. We have never really gotten many presents. We usually get one or two, and then a stocking. I am very proud of my family for not gripping or complaining about it. My brothers have handled it very well. We just go into Christmas not expecting much, material wise, and that helps. We do however LOVE spending time together playing games, watching movies, and eating lots of goodies on christmas eve!!

Because of the way we have celebrated Christmas it has passed on to our relatives. All of the cousins on my dad's side are not giving gifts this year. We are all serving somewhere in honor of the cousin that we were assigned to this year. Maybe it'll keep spreading and soon the world will really know what Christmas is all about!

Family. Friends. above all the greatest thing that could EVER happen. God, GOD. sent himself to us!! that's waaaaay beyond our understanding. It's ridiculous and insane!! We should all just be flippin out all the time!