Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This always breaks my heart. We NEED to remember to pray for them. We are so blessed here in the United States...don't take it for granted.

You should look up and watch more videos from Voice of the Martyrs.


Different ways people reacted after getting rejected

People who thinks the person who rejected them is making a mistake:
people who would sarcastically laugh it off:
people who would cry all day:
and then there’s me:


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Are you a person who wants the will of God? Don't be so quick to answer. This is a HUGE question. I'll be honest when I think about it there are times when I am unsure. Like many others, I am not oblivious to the riches and security that is all around me. I too get sucked in. Am I lukewarm? If I am than I am not strong enough to be in ministry right now. Sometimes we have to do what's best for our salvation and get away from what bringing us down. we have to be willing to do whatever it takes because God is worth it. He truly is all we need. How can we minister and help others be on fire for God, if we ourselves are not.

Its like if someone is struggling with drinking, you tell them to get out of the bars for a little while til they get stronger. Its the same for us in our spiritual lives.

I ask you. Please! don't let me forget this. We need to be there for one another and getting on fire for God. You can only make fire with fire. It spreads quickly. Just think what we can accomplish if we all stick together as a people on fire. truly on fire. Bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

John 16:33.

I have a lot of thoughts and they are hard to put into words here sometimes.

Luke Warm and Loving it

Luke 18-19    Revelation 13
I have been thinking a lot about salvation lately. To be honest sometimes I wonder if I am really saved just because I think we don't fear Hell and eternal punishment enough in this country. We don't live like we really and completely trust and obey God the father. This country is Luke warm and they don't care. I would put myself in this category at the moment. I think this is part of my problem. Many of us have heard this before that God wants to spit out the Lukewarm, but we just don't really get it. If we did, we would begin to care and either choose to be hot or cold. We don't realize what "spit out" means. In scripture the descriptions in that passage or words and phrases used to describe the unsaved not members of Gods kingdom. Its like saying to God, " I like my little house, family, friends...etc" and id rather stay here and be safe than give it away to spend eternity with you.  Basically you make God gag. We are comparing the worth of God with our homes, clothes, friends, family, retirement fund...etc. No wonder it makes God gag.
Those of us in America are filthy rich. Don't even dare think about and say to yourself that you aren't. We are 100 times more wealthy than most people around the world. Even me, one who can barely make it financially each month with bills. Jesus said these words, "it is easier to put a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God". We are rich. We are already at a disadvantage. We always talk about how hard life is sometimes and we can't seem to catch a break in our lives or even in our spiritual lives (which are connected by the way). The answer is right there in Jesus' statement. We are rich. You take that away and our dependence on God and getting into the kingdom of heaven becomes easier. We are wealthy not with just money but in relationships too. Are you willing to forget your friends and family if that is what it takes to follow Christ? most of you would say no. Its real hard for me, but when it comes down to it....you gotta decide. They aren't worth it. It may sound cruel, but its true.
Don't read into this passage, just take it as it is. We all know the story of Zacchaeus. He admitted he was rich and was gladly willing to give it away to have Jesus come to dine at his table. Jesus said "salvation has come to this house".  The impossible happened! A rich man has entered the kingdom of God! Wealth gives you a false sense of security. The more you have the less you are inclined to think you are needy.

What concerns me the most is that some of us are Lukewarm, and we are okay with it. We like it. We don't wanna change.
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become on fire for God?! We should all be on our knees and faces...not eating not doing anything until we "get it" until we are fasting and praying and we are on fire for God...in love with God! Don't go to work tomorrow if your lukewarm, sell your house, until you get there! this is important and crucial. Do whatever it takes..you can't end your life lukewarm! Jesus' words are so strong here. Be earnest and repent. He loves us and He doesn't want to "spit" us out of his mouth. He will have things happen in our lives to get our attention.