Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh the Joys

So...I REALLY do not want to be back in Peoria. I have some feelings/emotions about it that I am not sure if it is something I should speak out loud about a lot because I am not sure if it is still me being "new" at this or if I am really not happy. But for some reason this time when i came back from Greenville I just had a stronger dislike towards going back to Peoria than I have had before. I am not sure why. I mean being in Peoria isn't a bad thing, its not horrible. It probably is just the whole "loneliness" part that gets to me and sometimes I don't even realize it. I should be happy. I mean I am. I have a job for crying out loud, and I am proud of that fact. It's just now when people ask me how my job is going, I tell them, good. THen they ask, "well do you just absolutely love your job?"  I don't know how to respond to that. I do like it. I don't know that i love it. Its hard for me to answer that question for people with excitement. It's weird. I don't really want to share this with people because then I feel like I look like fool. I think part of the reason why I don't love it yet is because I am not completely confident yet in my abilities and position.
Oh the joys of ministry and Oh the joys of first jobs and Oh the joys of being an adult.

So...this weekend. I came to greenville, got in a car wreck, car wouldn't start, people lost my rent check, dealing with insurance, being sick, mom and dad mad, me being irresponsible, paying for speeding ticket, missing out on my responsibilites...but overall it was a good weekend. just full of surprises good and bad.

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