Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where is Waldo?

God can be compared to Waldo in those famous books Where is Waldo.

People most often struggle in their spiritual walk because they find God hard to find sometimes, or they feel that he is not there and they don't understand why they can't feel him.

Just like Waldo, you know he is in the picture somewhere. We are assured of this by the author. When you find him, you have a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Developing the capacity and ability to track down him down is the point of the book. If Waldo was giant in every page, no one would buy the book. The difficulty of the task is what increases your power of discernment.

Part of what makes finding Waldo so hard is that he is so ORDINARY looking. because on the last page of the book he is always hidden amongst a million other Waldo look a likes. You could be looking right at him and not even realize it.

Shoot, let EVERY day and EVERY moment of your life be like another one of these pages. God is there! scripture tells us so. But the ease of finding God varies with each page of your life.

Sometimes its hard to find God because he is so ordinary looking. We aren't looking in the right places.

God maybe present, but people aren't thinking of him quite as often as they did like when the Jordan or Red sea was being parted. The heavens may still be declaring the glory of God, but the people are channel surfing...if ya know what I mean.

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