Monday, January 24, 2011

Teenagers, Basketball, Single men, and Sonic.

I think it will be really good for me to get involved with the youth. To be honest...sometimes I feel like I fit in better with them than I do in the adult world. Maybe its because I am a silly person and I love to be silly just like high schoolers do..BUT I also know when to be serious. I guess thats the main difference between me and the high shcoolers, ha.Anyways, they are just a lot of fun and they make me laugh which hasn't happened to often the last week or two. Tonight at youth bible study, the girl Leah who is a sophomore, just makes me laugh ALL the time. I look over at one point and she is like hovering over her plate of pretzels so much so her face is almost touching her plate. It was a serious moment and I probably shouldn't have laughed but I did. She is also the girl who loves to talk and once said, " we are looking for someone is creative, fun, energetic, cool...wait, what am I saying..You're Elizabeth..of course" haha. I was like Leah. We have only been friends for like two days..but it was really nice of her to say that.

I also saw a group of really cute guys playing basketball at church ;) ha. I was late to bible study because I was just taking my time walking through the gym to the kitchen to get ice. Maybe I'll start playing basketball, ha. Just saying...

Anyways, today was a good day. No complaints except that I wish I could have slept in. I had lunch at sonic and God time in my car after i ate my sonic.  It was good. The song "What do I know of Holy" by Addison Road really hit me. It made me cry because it just really spoke to my heart today. Especially the line  If you touched my face, would I know you?  that line speaks of God and I just started thinking about, What if I miss God at some point during the day...I don't wanna miss out on anything. I want to recognize God in everything everywhere.

Ok, blogging is not for sermons :) I will save that for another time. Well, I love God and I love people...what more could I ask for. It all comes down to Love.

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