Tuesday, January 18, 2011

San Juan De Atacuari, Columbia

So today I began to really miss Columbia and being with the Amazonas. A lady at work just got back from Bolivia, and it just reminded me so much of when I was in Columbia. I went on a medical mission trip the summer of 2007. The village was right off the Amazon river. I basically played with the kids and then helped out in the pharmacy. It was awesome! Except that one photo...don't think that baby was too happy, ha. We also had several services where the whole village came and people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior...very powerful stuff. It was especially powerful because I was praying in english for these people as they were praying in Spanish, but yet we still understood each other. So cool. The picture of the blue and yellow boat..that is the boat we traveled on. We had an EIGHT hour boat ride down the amazon river!! shoot...that tiny thing with like twenty people and our luggage. I almost went crazy and I had sea legs afterwards, ha or more like "river" legs. We saw pink dolphins in the river. They are the only freshwater dolphins. Also, they had to keep reminding us not to stick our hands in the water because of piranhas :)  we did go piranha fishing at one point. We didn't realize that would be our dinner, ha. That was my first piranha and fish head meal. I didn't really eat it. The children were wonderful! We helped so many people because we brought a doctor and a dentist. We were even there just in time as a lady went into labor! It was very interesting because some of these families traveled days on the river just to come to us, and this one girl about 15 lost her baby while they were on the river coming. It was sooo sad. We prayed with her, but then it was that afternoon when the other lady went into labor. We saw God give and take away. I want to go back someday. I hope they are all doing well, I really do. 

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