Saturday, January 1, 2011

I LOVE. getting mail.

So, during the christmas potluck that we had at church they had an opportunity for people to participate in the prayer ministry.  We all were supposed to put our names and addresses on an index card, and then put it in a basket at the end of the table. Now, what would happen is at the end as you walk out the door you draw a card out of the basket and whoever you draw is who you are to pray for over the christmas and new years holiday. It's a great idea to get the whole church involved. BUT after you pray for them and the holidays are over, you are to send them a card saying that you prayed for them. I am currently in the process of sending my card. I have no idea who the person is that I drew out of the basket. Anyways, I got a card in the mail today. It was from the guy who drew my name out of the basket. His name is Ryan Jones. He is in his late twenties, I think. He just wrote me the nicest card and letting me knwo that he was praying for me. He also wrote a lot about how he has been praying that our church would have a spiritual revival because it needs it real bad.

I think I might have a new friend :) He also gave me his email address, so I plan on emailing him and letting him know I got the card.

P.s. for all you RC's out there, this is a great thing to do on your floor or in your house. I've done it before and it worked out really well. You can do the whole prayer card thing, but also have them just do a random act of kindness as well as praying for the person they drew. 

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