Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts from Today

Sometimes I get mad at myself for not being good at being crafty. I just wanna be so bad. Nobody knows when I give them something I made how many times I messed up before I got it right or how many times I had to restart.

Today was good but also not so good. I think I could be a nun in the sense of taking the vow of silence. The only conversation I had today was with the lady at Hobby Lobby who was checking me out and that was a whole like five words.

Earlier I got really mad because I just wanted to find a certain picture of a tree/leaves on Google and there were SO MANY pictures of naked people. It drives me crazy that I can't simply look for a picture of a tree without seeing that. I had to put my web browser on "strict" when it came to websites. I can't be seeing those things...doesn't help me at all. It is so bad these days. The level of sexuality that our culture allows to be public and act like its alright. We don't usually notice because we grew up with it and just got use to it. Do you want to be use to that? Its not right. We are way to lax with those kinds of things. Its every where...even hidden in childrens movies and shows, sexual connotations. Anyways, it just made me mad.

I really wish I could go see my friends COR presentations tomorrow. It kills me just a little that I can't be there to support them. I'll just be here praying from afar ;)  I know they will do great. I mean I pretty much know what they are all gonna say, ha, because I've been hearing about it all semester. It will be a grand day when its all over and they don't have to worry about it. I remember those days. Not too fun. It was alright. I think my group did a really good job. I guess we were "that group" ha. Everyone and their mom came to ours. The other members of my group were all pretty popular around campus, ha so that probably helped.  Don't miss it though thats for sure.

I got two blisters today, a huge random bruise on my shin, and sliced my knuckle open. this is what trying to be crafty does to me. I am a mess. It is one reason why I don't like people to watch me do self conscious, ha. and a mess.

I organized my closet today! yay me! finally. Okay well I won't bore you anymore with the lovely details of my life today. Time to work on some Christmas presents!

Remember to always choose Joy.

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