Monday, October 24, 2011

Da Weekend

So. This weekend has been full of surprises!
I woke up at 6am to go to six flags on saturday. I had a bus full of jr. high and sr. high kids jammin to Lecrae.
We arrived at noon.
I got to ride a whole three rides! The scooby doo ride was my favorite though. I got legit scared at one point, haha. We were going through a dark tunnel and I could here a scary monster on the side!! I rode the ride with my new friend Laura because we were the "bag ladies". We held everyone's stuff while they rode rides. I was a little sad because i LOVE roller coasters and I really wanted to ride all of them. I had to remember that my job here is to make sure they have fun so I was willing to do a lot of sitting. It is a good thing that I had Laura there or else it would have been super boring. We talked the entire time we were waiting for the kids to ride. Laura goes to the Uof I. She was active in the youth group in high school. We were talking about scary movies and how we like to watch them but no one will ever watch them with we were like, lets just go tonight! ha. so we did. We went and saw paranormal activity 3 at midnight which was the time we got back from six flags. The theater was so packed with ghetto people. It was super funny to watch all of them jump and scream throughout the movie. It wasn't as scary as we thought it would be, but it was still good. There was a random/awkward almost sex scene. I hate that. No one told me that was in there. Just a bad judgement call on my end.
I was sick of jr.high girls though! This one girl started crying and saying she wanted to go home. No one knew why...except that she wasn't getting exactly what she wanted. I couldn't handle that. I just told her how it is and to stop crying and enjoy herself.
Im pretty excited about my new friend though. We just really clicked. We literally just met each other as we were walking into six flags and we were going to a movie and hanging out that night :) She invited me to come to Normal, IL sometime and hang I might just do that.
I haven't felt the greatest this weekend. I'm not sure what it is. I just feel tired. I thought it was just because all week I sit behind a desk and don't have much conversation/human interaction. I just hope there isn't something wrong. It's like the symptoms of someone who is low on iron...but I'm not. I had a doctor give me iron pills once before, but I only took them for like a couple weeks. Every time I give blood they tell me my iron is just fine. So, i don't know what it is. I do want it to go away though. I just never feel energized even if i eat right.
Sunday night i was sitting on my bed after coming home from youth group thinking about going to bed early...then I just was sick of not having anyone around to talk to me. When I am not feeling well I just want to sit while having my friends just around. I don't know if that makes sense. So, I figured I could spend 30 bucks to go to greenville...might have to skip a few meals this next week, ha, but it'd be worth it. So i drove down. It felt so nice. Those hugs that I got were the best ones ive got in a LONG time.

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