Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weird like Lactose

This has been a weird week for me.
It started out pretty overwhelming.
Burdens being lifted. Trying to overcome temptations.
I was pretty darn proud of myself. But it wasn't easy.
Also, I think I had a conversation consisting of at most five sentences each day.
That was it.
I need more conversation.
It's weird because before I was always bombarded with people who wanted to talk.
Having one on ones, counseling people, girls barging into your room.
Now. I kinda miss that.

I was asked to speak to a group of old ladies the second tuesday in November.
What about? I have no idea.
I hate speaking. I am not good at it.
I also have to give the message twice in November to the Youth.
Once again. I hate speaking. This is the one thing that turns me away from this job.
I am freaking out a little over it.

I bought my first carton of Lactose free milk.
We shall see if I don't get sick.
I had a Mocha Frappe today.
BAAAD idea.
Let's just say, my tummy hurt and I was in and out of the bathroom.
I still haven't figured out if dairy is the problem, but I think it is.

I might have cried a little thinking about not being able to drink Frozen Mochas anymore.
Shoot dang.

Well, time for bed. No work tomorrow, Yay!
I will sleep in and enjoy it :)

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