Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boggle Part 1

     So, as some of you know I have been doing some serious job searching lately as well as fasting and praying. I believe they all go hand in hand and you can't have one without the other. Here are my thoughts on the last few days. Questions and comments are welcomed :)
     When I felt like I was just at an end, with no where else to go. I had no idea what to do next (job wise). I tried to think of what people in scripture did at those times. I mean, when I say I am at an end, its not quite as serious as in bible times. I did however reflect upon the act of fasting. It was done in times of great need and turmoil. It was a time when people sought out the face of God. They wanted to take away all other distractions and simply focus on the heart of God. You want to simply worship Him during those times you would normally eat. It doesn't mean doing a lot of talking. When you are in tune with God, your hearts beat as one, you will find what you are looking for. This is also the time when Satan attacks. He knows you are vulnerable. He will try to fill your mind with a million thoughts, fill your day with requests from others, unnecessary tasks, etc so that you will be distracted. Many people believe that every christian should attempt a 40 day fast at least once in their lifetime.
     Anyways, so I chose to fast. I really felt like I just needed to take away all distractions and focus on God in order to some what understand His ways and where He is leading me. Let me set up the scene for you. I was approached by a friend on facebook about an opening for a Youth Assistant Director in Peoria. This is a friend that I haven't talked to for three years almost. He is a greenville grad. He said he was just browsing facebook, saw my name, and thought "hmmm...she'd be good for this position. I will ask her."  I really never wanted to get back into Youth ministry, but I wasn't gonna throw it out the window yet. Well, I sent him my resume and said that I would think about it. He responded by saying that the staff was impressed with my resume. The lady in charge is supposed to be calling me soon to give me details and talk to me about possibly coming up Sept. 11 for an interview. I am not dreading this job anymore. I have actually become quite excited about the possibility! Plus, if I did get it and move to Peoria, I would be closer to friends, and be able to get my own place. Still waiting to hear from Linda, the lady in charge.
     The same time this is going on as well, I was contacted by a lady here in Little Rock who is wanting to open a shelter for Human Trafficking victims. I wasn't sure if she would let me help out or not since I don't have a lot of professional experience. We began emailing. I went with Louise to a lunch today. It is a lunch that happens every Thursday and people from nonprofits, churches, businesses etc gather to eat, hear a speaker, and do some networking. It's a great thing. The speaker today was the county sheriff who was awesome! He was also the one who told Louise she could go with a cop the next time he does a prostitution sting..she asked me if I wanted to come along!!! heck yes. Anyways, they were super excited I was there. They want me to help them with getting the word out, developing a curriculum/program to take into the public schools and present to the youth there. I could be good at that. I have always wanted to work with Human Trafficking! BUT the down side is they can't pay me to do it. I would have to find a job somewhere else and volunteer for them. I haven't found another job yet.
   Question: Do I stay here or go there? I mean, I haven't officially been offered the other job yet so who knows it might be an easy answer. It still frustrates/makes me a nervous wreck.

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