Friday, June 27, 2008


Prayer. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is powerful and effective (James 5:16). God has given us the greatest tool, prayer. It not only allows us access to the HEAVENLY father, but it is what we use on earth to combat the spiritual world and warfare. So...if we have the most powerful tool possible, then why don't we treat it like that. We say little prayers here and there. We pray for our food and our friends. It has the power to HEAL! It has the power to CHANGE things like we couldn't ever imagine. We need to really believe that it is effective when use it. I mean honestly, think of all the things we could change and do if we really believed in the power of prayer! I have taken it upon myself to set aside time everyday to really PRAY to my GOD. I am praying for my friends as well, and for specific requests that they have given me...I WILL believe too. Just think about how you treat prayer, and really think about changing your prayer life and treating it like the tool God had intended. Also, all this power that I am talking about comes directly from the great I AM. So he is the one who gets the glory for it all.

If you would like me to pray for you, please just leave me a request and I would LOVE to pray for you.


jsw said...

You're great, Fink.
Thanks for prayin. Really, any continually general prayer for me is fantastic. I'ma fool and so I need it a lot.

Ps, that situation in which I felt "helpless" worked out. Props to the Lord because that was def only thru prayer.

etc said...

fink. i would please like you to notice the similarities in our last two posts.
and the closeness in dates.
are we the same person...?

but ya I totally agree with you. Prayer is crazy great. I know we've talked about this a lot in the last two weeks...haha but hey THANKS for praying for me!!!

i love you.