Friday, May 30, 2008

Wal Mart

So there was this homeless man at wal mart the other day asking for food, and I soo wanted to give him a sandwich! I didn't have anything with me, and you can't give them money. I hate when that happens. When I want so badly to help, but can't! I at least made eye contact with him and gave him a smile. Sometimes...thats all they want is for you to make eye contact with them. Most of the time on the streets when people pass by they try and avoid the homeless by not making eye contact. you can't avoid them or pretend like their not there because they are! Anyways...i was frustrated because I couldn't help. All i could do was pray that God used someone that night to give him dinner and a nice smile!

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etc said...

you are so cool. and thoughtful. and i bet the smile helped.