Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Real World

Being in the work place can be rough. Today my coworkers were talking about Pastors the whole time and how they preach with one hand and do the opposite of what they preach with the other hand. Talking bout how Pastors have the good life...making money off their flock.
It took everything I had in me not to go off on them. First of all, they were only speaking from the bad example of ONE pastor here in Little Rock. Secondly, my dad is a pastor and he just got a huge pay cut...we're not living the American dream here.
I didn't know exactly how to get in on the conversation and turn their views around. I felt like it was the office against me. It's like that quite often. I wasn't expecting to work in  non-christian environment...but boy howdy did I get myself into a non-christian environment.  They are working for a good cause, but not living it out in their daily lives.
The question is: how do we get through to people? We think we would be a good example, but sometimes thats not enough. You have to SPEAK up too. After leaving Greenville's bubble, I gotta get back in gear for the real world.
Prepare yourself.

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